Configuring SIP for IPv6 support in ScopTEL PBX and Asterisk

IPv6 and SIP with ScopTEL PBX

Even though IPv4 has been fully occupied, many people still not realized that they need to start implementing IPv6 for their services. In this post, I am going to show how to implement IPv6 connectivity to SIP service which run on Asterisk.

Please note that we assuming that you already have enable IPv6 support on Network Configuration available on the ScopTEL PBX Web Management. If not, please refer to this article that explain how to enable IPv6 support on ScopTEL PBX.

We now support IPv6 out of box since Telephony module version 2.6.2.


Enable IPv6 support for SIP channels

Enabling IPv6 support in ScopTEL PBX is incredibly simple. In the GUI, click on Telephony -> Configuration -> Channels -> SIP Channels and set the Bind Address (UDP/TCP/TLS) to :: (all addresses), click on Save then click on Commit to update Telephony configuration files.

Configuration -> Channels -> SIP Channel (IPv6)

Configuration -> Channels -> SIP Channel (IPv6)


The Telephony service (Asterisk) will now route SIP traffic over IPv6 for any Extensions and VoIP Accounts that have either a valid DNS record (AAAA) for their hostname, or if you specify an IPv6 address on the Extensions and VoIP Accounts.

Phones can register using IPv4 or IPv6; the PBX will translate traffic between IPv4 and IPv6  addresses and even send RTP streams between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. This makes it much easier to upgrade the network even when some devices do not support IPv6 yet.


Known VoIP phones that support IPv6

Following is the list of some VoIP phones that are IPv6-ready. These are not the only SIP phones on the market that support IPv6; many Softphone (client) do and even more will also support it via a firmware update. These phones are those which, in addition to IPv6, also offer other great features and performance.

  • The IPv6 support is available for all models of the Snom 3xx and Snom 8xx series, including Snom 300, 320, 360, 370 and 820.
  • Yealink SIP-T2x series IP phones are also compatible with IPv6-standard