New Asterisk Developers

New Asterisk Developers

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Matthew Jordan has posted details of new developers in the Asterisk community:

Hey all –

We’ve been a bit remiss in introducing some recent additions to the Asterisk developer community. A few of you have seen commits from them recently, and its only fit and proper that you know the people behind the commit messages!

Pedro Kiefer (pkiefer) has fixed all sorts of bugs in app_alarmreceiver, and has introduced a number of new features to the application as well. As such, he’s agreed to help the Asterisk project by being the primary maintainer of the app_alarmreceiver module – which will be a huge benefit to all users of that module.

David Lee (dlee) is one of those developers who has done a bit of everything. He’s written software for telecommunications, database security, and data center infrastructure management, embedded C++, web applications in Java and Scala. Most recently, Dave has spent the last two years working on our A

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