Support for Asterisk-SCF dropped

Support for Asterisk-SCF dropped

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Digium has dropped support for Asterisk-SCF. While this is somewhat of a surprise, I always thought that the splitting of development resources was something that would end up being a bad idea.

The other problem was that setting up an environment to compile and run SCF was always difficult.

The features that SCF had though were awesome. I just hope that people figure out how to cross port some of them into Asterisk.

The other thing is that there was basically a core rewrite – looking at the task that needed to be achieved and rewriting code from scratch to achieve it.

That’s something that’s unlikely to happen in a wholesale manner in Asterisk.

Update: Thanks to Kirk Bateman for pointing out I don’t discuss what Asterisk-SCF is. So here’s a brief overview:

The Asterisk SCF Mission Statement

Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) is a highly-scalable, distribute

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