Using Clickatell SMS Gateway with ScopTEL PBX

Before you can use the Clickatell SMS Gateway integration with ScopTEL PBX software, you first have to create a Clickatell HTTP API account:


Create a Clickatell account

Go to the Clickatell website and sign up for an SMS Gateway, Clickatell Central account. Signing up to Clickatell Central is free, as a bonus you get 10 free message credits. After you have used your free 10 credits, you can purchase additional credits from Clickatell at rates well below those provided by your mobile operator. 

Please make sure to register for the Central  HTTP API account, otherwise it will not work with ScopTEL PBX SMS Gateway integration.


Create a Clickatell HTTP API product

In Clickatell Central use the Manage My Products page to add a HTTP connection. This will generate an API ID that, together with your user name and password, you need to add the gateway to ScopTEL PBX Server.

Clickatell - Add Connections

Clickatell – Add Connections


Cickatell - Connection Informations

Cickatell – Connection Informations


Clickatell - New Connection Confirmation

Clickatell – New Connection Confirmation



Enable SMS support to ScopTEL PBX

In the ScopTEL PBX GUI, you must first enable the SMS Gateway module from Telephony -> Configuration -> Telephony Modules.

Configuration -> Telephony Modules -> Enable SMS Gateway

Configuration -> Telephony Modules -> Enable SMS Gateway


Add Clickatell SMS Gateway

On Telephony -> Interfaces -> SMS Gateway, click on Add SMS Gateway and  fill in the Clickatell username, password and HTTP API-ID in the gateway setup window.

Interface -> SMS Gateway -> Add Gateway

Interface -> SMS Gateway -> Add Gateway



Currently, you can use SMS Notification available from Server -> Monitoring and Telephony -> Configuration -> Monitoring or by clicking on the Send SMS button from Telephony -> Interfaces -> SMS Gateway by clicking on Send SMS button.

Alternatively, you can use this shell script to integrate it on your own custom script :   

[box color=#ddd title=”SMS Shell Command”]/var/www/scopserv/telephony/scripts/sendsms[/box]


That’s it! Now you are ready to send SMS from ScopTEL PBX software.