How to Share One Extension With Multiple SIP Devices

Description: Shared Users for Devices

  • In many cases it is desirable to have an extension shared across multiple devices. For example you have an extension 100 and you want it registered to multiple SIP User Agents such as: SIP Soft Phone, Wireless SIP Phone (DECT, WiFi), SIP Desk Phone. When someone calls extension 100 you want all devices to ring or ring with unique ring tones or just blink because you are monitoring extension 100 for someone else.

Normally a SIP extension can only be bound to a single IP address so you cannot share an extension with multiple SIP phones or there will be IP address conflicts.  ScopServ has introduced a new feature to solve this problem.  Follow this official documentation if you want to enable Shared Devices for Extensions

ScopTEL - Shared Users for Devices