ScopTEL RTP ‘directmedia’ Handling

What is directmedia?

  • When SIP initiates the call, the INVITE message contains the information on where to send the media streams. ScopTEL uses itself as the end-points of media streams when setting up the call. Once the call has been accepted, ScopTEL sends another re-INVITE message to the clients with the information necessary to have the two clients send the media streams directly to each other.
  • The ‘Can Reinvite’ option is used to enable directmedia options per peer in the ScopTEL GUI

Directmedia/re-INVITE Overview

  • When SIP endpoints communicate by way of ScopTEL, ScopTEL will attempt to send SIP re-INVITES in order to allow the endpoints to communicate directly. This allows for the computational load on the ScopTEL server to be decreased while also lessening the latency of the media streams between the endpoints.
ScopTEL - RTP directmedia handling