ScopTEL PDF/A pre-requisites for ScopTEL Virtual Fax

ScopTEL PDF/A pre-requisites for ScopTEL Virtual Fax

PDF/A Format is required for any PDF file attachment in ScopTEL Virtual Fax

Failure to use the required format will probably result in an error due to postscript font parsing of any PDF file not saved in PDF/A format.


Faxing PDF files for use in ScopTEL Virtual Fax requires the PDF file to be in PDF/A format.

Many PDF editors will allow you to ‘save as’ an existing PDF document to PDF/A format.

There are several options for converting your file to PDF/A format and here are instructions for some of the most popular software. Contact your software vendor if your PDF converter is not listed for support.

Additionally if you are using a problematic PDF conversion client you can use an online PDF/A converter such as (be sure to set the Output format to PDF/A)

Please refer to our official documentation:


ScopTEL PDF-A Virtual Fax Pre-Requisites