Managing Emergency Lines

ScopTEL Outgoing CallerID has a hierarchy. The hierarchy is used to send generic global CallerID using Outgoing Lines. Failure to configure CallerID correctly for Emergency Calls will result in the wrong CallerID being sent to an Emergency PSAP.

  • By drilling down to Extensions|Caller ID is possible to override Outgoing Line by de-selecting the default External Call configuration and setting External Call information.
  • If the Extension must send a unique Caller ID for Emergency Calls then the Override Outgoing CallerID for Emergency Call option must be enabled
  • If Emergency Lines are configured for one or more Extensions then the Class of Service applied to each Extension must also be edited to allow Emergency Lines. This is done by de-selecting the default Enable All Outgoing Lines checkbox and using the Select tool to add the required Outgoing Lines, Local Extensions, and Emergency Lines to the each assigned Class of Service

Read this document for more details:


ScopTEL - Configuring Emergency Lines