How to Configure the ScopTEL DHCP Server

ScopTEL includes an extremely powerful DHCP Server.  Refer to this document to enable the DHCP server.


ScopTEL - DHCP Server Configuration


The ScopTEL DHCP server can greatly simplify the configuration and provisioning of VoIP devices.  Refer to this document to enable DHCP classes.


ScopTEL - DHCP APS Configuration
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How to Configure the ScopTEL DNS Server

ScopTEL includes an extremely powerful DNS server.  Refer to this document for its basic configuration using the DNS Configuration Wizard.


ScopTEL - DNS Server Configuration Wizard
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New Feature: Bridged Network Interfaces

Sometimes it is necessary to set bridge interfaces on ScopTEL to support multiple devices on the same subnet.

After you install the necessary Network Interface Cards follow this simple tutorial.

Step 1

Update the ScopTEL server to network package which supports the new network bridging feature

scopserv_yum update scopserv-network -y

NOTE: You can also use the package manager to update this package

Step 2

Install the bridge-utils package if not already installed (check with ‘rpm -qa bridge-utils’)

scopserv_yum install bridge-utils -y

Step 3

Edit your Network Configuration and create one new interface to act as your first bridge interface like br0 and assign a static IP address to this interface for management.



Create another network interface or use existing eth<interface> and set its type to BRIDGE, then make sure the ‘Bridge Interface’ text matches the text you entered on the matching bridge interface br0.  This example uses eth0 as the WAN interface (which matches the br0 configuration)



Now you have to edit or create an additional hardware interface in order to bridge it with eth0.  In this example the hardware interface will be eth1 and it will also be bridged with br0


Step 3

Save and Commit your configurations and reboot the server

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