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How to Configure Applications

Applications are advanced Objects in ScopTEL configurations:

  • An extension number is given to an application to include the destination in the dial plan.
  • An application cannot be dialed directly from an Auto Attendant but if you choose the option ‘Allow Extensions to use this application as destination’ within the General application options then you can build a Ring Group or Virtual Extension and set the destination to the application. Only then can Ring Group and Virtual Extensions can be dialed from an Auto Attendant menu.
Module 16 - ScopTEL - Managing Applications
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How to Manage Auto Attendants/IVR Menus

If you need help managing Auto Attendants/IVR Menus please refer to this training manual.


Module 14 - ScopTEL - Managing Auto Attendants
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ScopTEL Prompt Management

Prompt Files used for IVR menus and Applications must be uploaded in supported CODEC’s and formats.

Music On Hold Files must also be in the correct CODEC and format for correct playback.

Read more in this document regarding Prompt Management.


Module 11 - ScopTEL - Prompt Management


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