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How to Manage Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues | Contact Centers

Automatic Call Distribution queues put callers into a queue and typically play Music on Hold or custom announcement messages to keep them informed or relaxed while they wait for an agent to become available.

  • Studies prove that a caller listening to Music on Hold will stay on hold longer than a caller hearing a ring back tone
  • Agents are typically employees of a contact center that login to one or more queues in order to answer callers.
Module 15 - ScopTEL - Managing ACD
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Introduction to ScopTEL Queues and Agents

Did you know ScopTEL included a FREE Professional Contact Centre?

Presentation ScopServ ACD English V3


ScopTEL also includes a FREE Professional Reporting engine



Need to set up a Call Centre? Refer to this documentation.

Module 15 - ScopTEL - Managing ACD


Additional User documentation

ScopTEL ACD Pause Code Usage


For additional information on Skills Based Routing refer to




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